About Us

Seventh Stage Theatre: Telling stories about women, by women.

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Seventh Stage Theatre is a professional not-for-profit theatre company that produces entertaining and socially-conscious theatre productions. We develop and produce new plays by women and hold Canadian premieres of international plays by women. Seventh Stage places a particular importance on telling stories by women, about women, for a wide and inclusive audience. As well, we generate opportunities for emerging and established female artists through our productions, mentorship programs, community and education outreach and fundraising events.


  • Due to other artistic opportunities undergone by the company leaders, Seventh Stage has been on hiatus for the last 2 years; but we are springing back!
  • 2014: Thanks to two Theatre Creators Reserves from Nightwood Theatre and Theatre Gargantua, we were able to spend an amazing creative week developing  “The Legacy Project” with Kelly Straughan (Director), Rachel Blair (writer),and performers Susie Burpee, Linea Swan and Melissa-Jane Shaw.
  • 2015: Development on the musical comedy “WENDY, DARLING” has begun, exploring ‘Peter Pan’ from Wendy’s POV 30 years in the future, when they are still living like children in NeverLand. Core creative team: Rosalind Mills (music composition), Briana Brown (writer) and Melissa-Jane Shaw (director).
  • 2016: Dance, music and writing workshops in play to raise money and awareness for the continued development of “WENDY, DARLING”