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WENDY, DARLING: A Musical (2017)

Over the last couple of years, Rosalind Mills (composer), Briana Brown (writer) and MJ Shaw (director) have been working on what is now, “WENDY, DARLING: A Musical”.

Based on JM Barrie’s Peter Pan, our show ventures 30 years into their future, only this time Wendy is our central character. The pixie dust of Neverland has started to wear off, and edging on 40, Wendy and Peter have hit a bit of an existential midlife crisis. Namely, Wendy wants to have a baby and settle down, and Peter, well, Peter is not ready to ‘grow up’. What is the point in growing up anyway? Isn’t their love enough? What’s better than a life of sex, pixie dust and rock n’ roll? But Hook lingers with his clocks, reminding Wendy that time does tick on and some clocks stop for good. The other colourful cast of characters – Tink, Tiger Lily and Hook – all play their roles in highlighting Wendy’s wild array of 21st century options. What’s a woman with choice to choose?

More than a stereotypical battle of the sexes, WENDY DARLING takes a story from our cultural collective unconscious and brings into a more progressive and present light. While preserving the magic and depth of Barrie’s original themes and characters, we hope to use this source as a launch pad into a world of high-energy dance, contemporary and eclectic music, and thought-provoking and entertaining musical theatre.

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We have been able to successfully workshop ACT 1 of our show, thanks to the support of personal donations and OAC’s Theatre Creators Reserve grants from Thousand Islands Playhouse, Musical Stage Co. and The Grand Theatre.

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Many thanks to the amazing and talented actors who have helped us thus far: Monica Dottor, Dylan Trowbridge, Astrid Van Weiran, Jeremy Lapalme, Nicole Joy-Fraser, Brendan Wall, Marisa McIntyre, Laura Caswell, David Rosser and Kristi Woods.

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We have a string ACT 2 brewing and look forward to workshopping that later this year. In the meantime, maybe you want to listen to a few of our rehearsal recordings as a start… let the music make you BELIEVE…


“Maybe Baby”

“Ticking Clocks”
“Take Your Pick”
“All About Me”
“Always There Waiting”


Music composition by Rosalind Mills, Lyrics by Rosalind Mills and Briana Brown.

Music sung by Rosalind Mills, Marisa McIntyre, Jeremy Lapalme, David Rosser, Kristi Woods.

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