2008 LabCab – “The Burlesque Noir”: A multi-media dance piece, with voyeur video coverage exploring the notion of burlesque and the image of woman. Choreographed by Melissa-Jane Shaw. Performed by Monica Dotter, Jamie Holmes, Caron Lowerson and Melissa-Jane Shaw.

2009 4×4 Festival – “Alice”: Invited to share an excerpt from their upcoming production The Red Queen Effect as part of Nightwood Theatre’s New Blood Cabaret. Directed by Kelly Straughan. Performed by Monica Dotter, Dylan Smith and Melissa-Jane Shaw.

2013 – The Legacy Project: Supported by the OAC Theatre, creative reserve from Theatre Gargantua and Nightwood Theatres. Performed by Melissa-Jane Shaw, Susie Burpee, and Linea Swan. Directed by Kelly Straughan and written by Rachel Blair.

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